New York, NY — ASJA — The American Society of Journalists and Authors’ (ASJA} newly-created Associate Membership level offers an exciting benefit designed to support the careers of aspiring writers: a mentoring opportunity pairing the Associate Member with a more seasoned Professional Member. The mentoring benefit has been meticulously designed to offer support and development for the Associate Member’s efforts to bolster their writing career.

 Associate members will receive one-on-one guidance from their mentor to assist them to develop skills, networking tools, and the confidence needed to thrive in a competitive freelance writing landscape. Associate members will be positioned to emerge from the relationship with the work experience needed to transition to a Professional membership in the organization if so desired. Associates will meet with their mentor in pods; groups comprised of four to six Associate members assigned to the volunteer mentor. The pods will meet virtually or over the telephone at least once a month so they may discuss various topics of interest to the pod’s members. Associate members seeking mentoring are asked to commit to it for at least six months, although that can be extended to a year.

 “By offering this mentoring opportunity, ASJA is responding to the reality that freelance writing is a complicated endeavor going beyond the mere act of writing. It is a formal recognition that less experienced writers can enjoy more fruitful careers by being counseled by writers with extensive professional backgrounds,” says Sherry Beck Paprocki, president of ASJA.


To be considered for an Associate membership, journalists and authors must have a minimum of five (5) published articles from print or online publications or brands or at least one book published by a major publishing house in their portfolio. Clips from regional and unpaid publications or written while on staff will also be considered.  Prospective members are encouraged to submit their application promptly as ASJA is offering a waiver of the initiation fee for applications submitted prior to December 1 if full payment is made by December 31. 

Applications can be found here