An exclusive Authorlink VIDEO Interview With New York Times Notable author
David Corbett, whose latest book is Blood of Paradise (Ballantine/Random House)
October 2007

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Blood of Paradise

Blood of Paradise
(Random House)

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New York Times Notable Author David Corbett talks
about his latest book, Blood of Paradise (Random House)
and the writing life in this exclusive 20-minute Authorlink VIDEO interview.

David Corbett worked for 15 years as a private investigator in San Francisco, playing a significant part in a number of high-profile criminal and civil litigations. He later became "Man Friday" for his wife, Terri, as she launched her own law practice. She died of ovarian cancer in January 2001, just six weeks before Ballantine/Random House purchased David's first novel, The Devil's Readhead. Widely praised, it was nominated for both the Anthony and Barry Awards for Best First Novel in 2002. His follow-up, Done for a Dime, was also acclaimed by The Washington Post as the best contemporary crime fiction, and was named a New York Times Notable Book.

David has also penned numerous articles and award-winning stories. He is currently finishing his fourth novel. He also plans a nonfiction account of his late wife's last weeks alive, their marriage, and the grieving process. He continues to reside in northern California

–Doris Booth

Thanks to our California video correspondent William Moal
for conducting this Authorlink interview.

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