Investigative journalist Susan Clare Zalkind embarked on a ten-year crusade to find any connections between a triple murder in Waltham Massachusetts, and the Boston Marathon Bombings. She uncovers chilling links that law enforcement overlooked and suggests an answer  to the nearly thirteen-year-old murder mystery.

Her new book, THE WALTHAM MURDERS, is one woman’s pursuit to expose the truths behind the unsolved  triple murder, and the Boston tragedy.

Her efforts to find a killer become a gripping, intensely personal investigation into a shocking cold case and the radicalization of a terrorist.

The author sheds compelling light on who the killer is and why the culprit has never been caught. She also explores the possible links between the murders and the Tsarnaev brothers, who perpetrated the Marathon bombing. Are the two terrifying incidents simply coincidental or are they connected?

In September 2011, Erik Weissman and two friends were murdered in a brutal triple homicide in Waltham, which lies very near the Boston Marathon finish line. The case went unsolved for months and then years, with no discernible leads. Erik’s friend Susan Zalkind, an investigative journalist, needed closure and knew that finding it would be up to her. As Susan began digging, and as the Boston Marathon bombing exposed startling new leads, the case led her down a tangled and sometimes dangerous path to the truth.

With every person Susan interviewed came a new thread. She followed each one through a web of conspiracy theories, corruption, and crime until she eventually arrived at a decade-defining act of domestic terrorism.

A true-crime memoir and the culmination of years of reporting, The Waltham Murders is an in-depth probe into a dark American underworld by a journalist coming to grips with both personal grief and the collective anguish of a nation in her tireless pursuit of the truth.

These are the two main threads that draw people to the case. They want resolution and understanding of a brutal crime, and the possibility of a terrifying connection adds another layer to the mystery.