The Reckoning by Carsten Stroud

The Reckoning
Carsten Stroud

Vintage Crime

From the swanky residences of The Glades to the seething criminality of Tin Town, the city of Niceville has a personality all its own.  

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“. . . a force to be reckoned with .”

Detective Nick Kavanaugh and his wife Kate know this city in the Deep South has a history as dark as the shadow cast by Tallulah’s Wall, the huge limestone bluff dominating the landscape. It’s their misfortune that Niceville’s troubling past is becoming all too present

When normal citizens begin behaving in irrational and dangerous ways, Nick and his companions have their work cut out to keep a lid on the situation. Add to the mix a corrupt ex-cop with a score to settle, a gang of Mafiosos, a veteran cop who won’t stay dead, and a very troubled teen, and you have a recipe for disaster. At the back of it all is the presence of something that calls itself Nothing, a spirit from before the dawn of humanity. The Native Americans shunned the area. Nick would like to do the same, but duty to his family and his adopted town binds him. With the city about to blow apart it’s a race against time for Nick and his friends to confront and destroy the entity before it’s too late. 

In The Reckoning, Carsten Stroud has produced a real page-turner. There are some graphic and horrible moments, but there are more than enough touches of grace to balance them. Think in terms of Twin Peaks but with a lot more heart, humanity and coherence, and you’re on the right lines. The Reckoning is a force to be reckoned with.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews