The Prince of Risk by Christopher Reich

The Prince of Risk
by Christopher Reich

Anchor Books

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“…a taut thriller with consummate flair…”

Hedge-fund manager Robert Astor is on the verge of brokering the biggest deal of his career when he learns of his father’s death. Edward Astor, head of the New York Stock Exchange, died in spectacular fashion on the South Lawn of the White House along with the Secretary of the Treasury and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

Although estranged from his autocratic father, Astor can’t help wondering why the three most powerful financiers in the country met so late at night, or why they had to see the President immediately. Attuned to the Stock Exchange at an almost psychic level, it’s not long either before Robert notices strange behavior in financial centers around the world. Slowly he comes to realize someone is engineering an attempt to take control of the entire world economy. With deep and sinister links stretching across America, Europe, Africa and China, the shadowy figure is poised to succeed – and only Robert stands in his way.

Astor’s only clue is a single word texted to him by his father before his death: Palantir. Aided by his ex-wife, FBI agent Alex Forza, he must discover the meaning behind the word. Together they face mounting threats on their lives and uncertainty on who can be trusted. Yet they must succeed in uncovering the plot or the free world as they know it will vanish forever.

Reich has crafted a taut thriller with consummate flair. Despite their human foibles, Robert and Alex learn from their mistakes, and the reader roots for them all the way to the explosive climax.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews