The Last Wild by Piers Torday

The Last Wild
Piers Torday

Viking Books

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“. . . an adventure that would definitely appeal to young adult readers of mystery.”

Kester Jaynes lives in an institution for difficult children on a world where the environment has spiraled out of control, leaving most of the planet a sun-blasted wasteland. A mysterious plague called Red Eye has killed all animal and insect life except for cockroaches. Humanity is confined to a handful of cities on one island. A single corporation, Factorium, rules every aspect of life. Democratic government is but a memory.

Kester cannot speak to humans, but he develops the facility for communicating with the insects found in the institution. One night he is rescued from his prison by a horde of cockroaches and pigeons. They fly him to The Last Wild, the one remaining refuge for animals left on the planet. Here he finds he can talk to the animals and be understood. He is shocked but willing when they elect him leader. They ask him to reclaim the world for nature. Together with his friend, Polly, and a number of animal and insect allies, Kester seeks his father, a veterinarian working to find both the cause and cure for Red Eye.

Kester and company encounter a host of people left destitute by Factorium after its takeover and discover the corporation is spreading lies about Red Eye, its origin and solution. It seems Factorium has an agenda all its own – and Kester’s father has a role in its affairs which does not bear close scrutiny. The Last Wild is an adventure that would definitely appeal to young adult readers of mystery.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews