The God's Eye View by Barry Eisler

The God’s Eye View
Barry Eisler
Thomas & Mercer

Evelyn Gallagher has a nice career in the NSA, analyzing video footage from all over the world in search of threats to the United States.  

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“. . . sure to please techno-thriller lovers .”

A divorced single mom, she looks forward to steady promotion so she can afford to keep her deaf son, Dash, in the special care he needs. Evelyn’s plans hit the rails when she discovers a number of whistle-blowers and journalists have died recently in suspicious circumstances. Evelyn feels she has to act, but the evidence suggests her own boss, NSA Director Theodore Anders, is behind the deaths. 

Anders’ secret, overriding objective is to collect and collate all private data from everywhere on Earth using the ultra-secret program God’s Eye. Anders believes unrestricted surveillance is the only way to protect America and keep her citizens safe. He’ll go to any lengths to keep God’s Eye secret. Evelyn and Dash become the target of two government assassins, and the fight is on to survive in a hunt that runs through the murky world of politics, international terrorism and treachery. In a pursuit where her enemy holds all the advantages, Evelyn finds love and hope from an unexpected quarter. But given what she knows, how much can she trust this new man in her life? Can she expose the wrongdoing at the heart of government without losing all she holds dear?

In The God’s Eye View, former CIA insider Barry Eisler brings his experience to bear in crafting a novel that shines a bright light into the dark world of surveillance and counter-terrorism measures. A gripping and timely warning about over-reaching government interference, The God’s Eye View is sure to please techno-thriller lovers.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews