The Girl From Home by Adam Mitzner

The Girl from Home
Adam Mitzner

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Jonathan Caine is a true Wall Street high flier, a man with supreme confidence in his abilities to ride the thermals of finance and soar ever higher in wealth and power.

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“. . . for all lovers of contemporary thrillers.”

He has a luxury penthouse, a beautiful wife, and a hunger to buy a mansion on the best part of the coast. His future seems golden – but a bad financial gamble leaves the high flier in a stall that turns into a nose-dive. 

Jonathan is fired, in danger of Federal indictment, and facing divorce from a wife who never loved him for anything but his money. On top of it all comes news of his father’s failing health. Battered by his misfortunes Jonathan returns to his home town of East Carlisle, New Jersey, to be with his father. His visit coincides with his high school’s twenty-fifth reunion. There Jonathan finds a fantasy comes true. Prom Queen Jackie Wilson has lost none of her looks and has only gained in charm over the years. An abusive marriage has left her yearning for a better life with a better man. She feels Jonathan is the one to give her both, something he would never have dreamed of back when they were at school. They embark on a love affair that leads them into danger, and Jonathan has the opportunity to prove he is capable of redemption – but to do so he has to take the biggest gamble of his life.

In The Girl from Home, Adam Mitzner has created a compelling story of failure and redemption in unexpected places. Jonathan Caine begins as an arrogant, unlikable character that grows into a better human being. One for all lovers of contemporary thrillers. 

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews