The Ark
Boyd Morrison

Touchstone (Div. Simon & Schuster)
Hardcover/420 pages
ISBN: 978-1439181799
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"From the fast-paced plot to the perfectly-written characters, this debut author has certainly started with a 'bang!'"

This brand new debut writer offers us the thrilling action and adventurous plot that, up until now, we’ve only received from the amazing mind of Clive Cussler.

Dilara Kenner is an archaeologist who has no idea how bad her day is about to get. Receiving a panicked call from an old family friend, Dilara rushes from her latest excavation site and meets Sam Watson at the airport. He is absolutely frightened about something and wants to offer her information on what happened to Dilara’s missing father. As they sit in the terminal, a woman accidentally trips and falls against Sam, brushing her hand against his. What seems like a normal, everyday occurrence turns deadly, as the contact poison that the stranger has “delivered” begins to seep into Sam’s skin and quickly takes his life. All he was able to communicate was a few simple, strange words, and one name – a man who Dilara must hunt down and find as fast as humanly possible – Tyler Locke.

Dilara soon finds herself in a helicopter being brought out into the middle of the ocean where Tyler Locke, an engineer, is working on a project located on an oil rig. As she sees her destination, Dilara feels a shudder and the helicopter explodes and falls into the ocean. Tyler Locke suits up and, in an amazingly written scene, finds a way to rescue the doomed archaeologist. Soon, a prowler is aboard the oil rig setting bombs, trying with all his might to destroy Dilara Kenner before she can reveal her story to Locke.

In another location, far across the globe, a big-time movie star and his entourage board a private plane and lift off to their next destination. Soon, the plane is silent and a rescue mission is mounted. However, as the other pilots come alongside the silent jet, they realize that there is absolutely no one aboard. The entire group, crew included, has vanished.

In yet another location, the biggest cruise ship in the entire world is getting ready for its’ maiden journey. The Genesis Dawn will sail for forty days and nights (remember the first ship that accomplished that?) But, is this ship really a marvel of mankind’s creativity, or is it the largest vessel in the world made explicitly to deliver death to every corner of the globe?

The mystery is so intense it’s almost impossible to describe. And when a group by the name of the Church of the Holy Waters and its enigmatic ruler, Sebastian Ulric, rise to the surface, Tyler Locke must join Dilara Kenner in her race to stop what could definitely be a plan to bring about the end of the world.

From the fast-paced plot to the perfectly-written characters, this debut author has certainly started with a “bang!” Not only does he form a very frightening tale that could, in fact, happen in this world as we know it, but he also incorporates a historical artifact that the reader is led to through the Cave of Treasures…the location of none other than Noah’s Ark. It is always a great feeling to see a debut author who starts off so well that you literally can add him to your list of “must reads,” and salivate in the corner while waiting for his next book to be released. Just an FYI: He has one on the way in December, 2010…Enjoy!

Reviewer: Amy E. Lignor