The Scary States of America
50 weird & terrifying stories based on true events
Michael Teitelbaum

Delacorte Press
Hardcover/0 pages
ISBN: 978-0-385-73331-0
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". . . too tame . . ."

The Scary States of America by Michael Teitelbaum is a compilation of one paranormal story for each state in the union. Many of the stories are narrative, although some are told in first person and include dialogue.

The stories are the favorites of the fictional character Jason Spector, a collector of all things paranormal. He started a blog at nine after contact with a ghost and has been collecting stories ever since.

The target audience is approximately ten or eleven year olds, but one wonders if most of these stories are too tame to scare today's pre-teen. Included in the collection are: a Bigfoot story from Alaska, an "alien abduction" story from Arizona, a story of Lizard Man from South Carolina, and a haunted room story from Idaho. The tales, though perhaps better suited to pre-teens, are fun.

Reviewer: Denise Lowe