The Devil’s Triangle
Catherine Coulter and J T Ellison

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Simon & Schuster Pocket Books Fiction

Covert Eyes is a crack FBI team, headed by Special Agent Nicholas Drummond, with a flexible brief to act against crime anywhere in the world. Drummond gets a phone call from notorious art thief Kitsune, known as The Fox.

He and Kitsune have a history and mutual respect, so when she tells him she’s in deep trouble, Drummond listens.

Kitsune took a commission to steal the Staff of Moses from the Topkapi museum in Istanbul. Her theft leads Covert Eyes to Venice, Italy and a firefight in the Piazza San Marco. It seems Kitsune’s mysterious employers want to ensure she never gets to expose them. Drummond and his team find a trail that leads to the Genesis institute headed by twins Ajax and Cassandra Kohath – megawealthy, sociopathic and lethal. The twins are themselves on the trail of the Ark of the Covenant, an immensely powerful artifact which they claim as their family’s birthright.

“. . . fast plot, great characters, hissable villains and a gripping climax.”

Drummond discovers the Kohaths already have an uncanny century-long ability to control weather to their own advantage. Beijing was hit by a vicious sandstorm which killed thousands. Now a colossal hurricane is heading right for Washington DC. Can Drummond track the Kohaths to their secret lair and avert a major disaster?

The Devil’s Triangle is a blend of Dan Brown and Tom Clancy with a fast plot, great characters, hissable villains and a gripping climax. One for thriller lovers.

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Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews