Sunrise of Avalon
A Novel of Trystan & Isolde
Anna Elliott

Trade Paperback/418 pages
ISBN: 978-1-4165-8991-4
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". . . amazing storytelling . . ."

When an author saves the best for last, her fans are not only exceedingly happy, but they also experience some deep-seeded disappointment that this is the very last book about what has become their favorite story. This is what Anna Elliott has accomplished. Being the final book of the Twilight of Avalon trilogy, Sunrise offers a wealth of adventure, action, deception, and one of the most beautiful romances in history – the love of Trystan and Isolde.

Isolde is the daughter of Morgan (King Arthur’s sister). Morgan is a dying sorceress at the beginning of our novel, tending to Isolde who is the daughter of Arthur’s wife – who betrayed him and slept with his son, Modred, to become his Queen. But this novel brings readers directly to the side of former High Queen Isolde, as she worries day and night about her beloved hero (although most refer to him as a mercenary). Trystan has already gone through the fiercest fires by having to deal with Lord Marche (his father) at every turn, to keep him off Britain’s throne. And now Marche is allied to the Saxon King.

There is far more fear on the horizon as Britain prepares their army for the final battle. With this, they will either lose their kingdom, or they will finally be able to declare victory against the Saxon King and the hideous Lord Marche. But without Trystan and Isolde, and the power they wield, Britain has absolutely no hope to keep their lands, people and kingdom out of the traitors’ hands.

Add to this, however, the most important part for all readers – the true love that Trystan and Isolde have for each other. Long before there was a ‘Bella & Edward’ that everyone talked about, these two stunning characters had a love that they had to battle for each and every day. And both hold their secrets close to their hearts. In the end, they may just have to make a final decision that they do NOT want to make – give up the kingdom…or give up each other?

History has been told in many ways, and the story of Trystan and Isolde is not a new one. But what this author has managed to do is insert many historical and legendary facts by wrapping them up in a love story that will continue to inspire for millions of generations to come. Ms. Elliott’s ‘pen’ is her sword, and she is one of the top writers of historical fiction. Begin with Twilight of Avalon, / thrive on Dark Moon of Avalon, and then watch the Sunrise through Anna Elliott’s amazing storytelling. You will not be disappointed. The only thing you will ask is what beauty Anna Elliott will bring to the world next…and, more importantly, when?!

Reviewer: Amy E. Lignor