Confessions of An Imaginary Friend, a memoir by Jacques Papier
as told to Michelle Cuevas

ISBN 978-0-525-42755-1

Because Jacques Papier is the imaginary friend of a little girl named Fleur, no one sees or hears or even thinks about him.

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“. . . insightful moral tale written in a whimsical style . . .”

Thus, everyone must hate Jacques Papier!  This is the conclusion he draws.  Such a  strong feeling prompts him to explore his very existence.  As a result he pens his memoirs.  Why is he invisible, unseen?  Who can explain why he’s not real? And what does being real signify? 

Jacques joins a support group of imaginary friends, attempts reassignment, and craves to control his fate.  He battles not only his own perception of himself but also those of others who are real as well as imaginary.  To be real, or rather recognized as a significant being by others, he will do or give up anything so that he becomes the best, someone special, worth knowing.  Jacques’s endeavors lead to rather startling insights about what is real and true concerning the acceptance ofone’s self and embracement of that self.  Finally, he begins to understand that the true answer lies in within each of us.

This story is a metaphorical interpretation of many of today’s personally human perceptions.  Confessions is an insightful moral tale written in a whimsical style that entertains and enlightens, exploring real life emotional issues not for young readers alone.  It examines personal confusions of the modern world as it pertains to body image acceptance, race relations, interpersonal relationships, goals and desires, and purpose of life in a poignant, inventive, and humorous manner.

Reviewer: C. L. Collins