Punitive Damages by Jim Lively

Punitive Damages
Jim Lively

Merrimack Media

PJ is a rescued Wiemaraner dog with a mind of her own. Intelligent, by turns devious, philosophical and occasionally cunning, 

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“. . . a charming true short story . . .”

PJ and her new humans struggle to come to terms with each other over a series of adventures. The trial period of adoption for any rescue dog becomes something of a trial by ordeal for both animal and humans. Whether it’s sneaking a delicious package of brie, jumping on the furniture, or rolling in a nice stinky dead squirrel, life is seldom boring for her retired lawyer owner with PJ around.

Punitive Damages is a charming true short story about the nature of trust between Man and Man’s Best Friend. Interspersed with black and white illustrations of PJ done by the author, it’s sure to please any dog owner.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews