No One Knows by J. T. Ellison

No One Knows
J. T. Ellison

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Aubrey Hamilton has seen tragedy in her life. Orphaned at a young age, she endured a troubled youth in various state-run homes, suffering sexual abuse and neglect.

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“. . . the tantalizing truth dances ahead of the reader to the very end.”

Only Josh Hamilton truly loves Aubrey. It is his love and steady loyalty in defiance of his controlling mother, Daisy, that keeps Aubrey on the straight and narrow. Josh becomes a medical student with a promising career, and he and Aubrey marry. Everything seems golden for them. But then her perfect marriage to the perfect man ends in bizarre circumstances when Josh apparently vanishes into thin air. The official finger of suspicion points directly at Aubrey, but she is exonerated by the court. 

Five years later, Daisy has the state to declare Josh to be dead so she can get her hands on his lucrative life insurance payout. Aubrey is inclined to let her take it. As far as she’s concerned, Josh isn’t coming back, and she needs to get on with her life – until she meets journalist Chase Boden. Chase seems uncannily like Josh in mannerisms, yet the two men are physically different. On seeing Chase, even Daisy is convinced Josh has returned from the dead. Aubrey faces some tough questions. Who is Chase? What dark secret is Daisy hiding? Was Josh really who Aubrey believed him to be? What follows is a manhunt with a difference as Aubrey tries to get to the bottom of Josh’s disappearance once and for all. 

In No One Knows, J. T. Ellison creates a gripping story in which the tantalizing truth dances ahead of the reader to the very end. Aubrey is a strong character who plays the hand life deals her with honesty and resolve.

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Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews