Forever is the Worst Long Time
Camille Pagán

Lake Union Publishing

In 1998 James Hernandez flies from Michigan to New York City to meet his best buddy Rob’s fiancee – and falls head over heels in love with her.

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“. . . a sensitive and compelling story . . .”

Lou Bell is everything he desires in a woman. He senses a reciprocation in feelings from her, but she’s Rob’s girl. James does the honorable thing, wishes them well, and serves as best man at their wedding. 

As the years pass, James’ life takes a different path to the one he intended. His great ambition to write a best-selling novel never gets off the ground, in spite of encouragement from his college mentor. He starts and abandons writing projects with depressing frequency. Instead of pursuing a glittering career as a writer, he works for the college business section, schmoozing donations from rich alumni. A relationship with a star professor fails to gain traction, and soon James is alone. All the time he thinks of Lou, and what might have happened between them had he met her before Rob did. 

Rob’s career in finance soars to greater heights, but in 2008 dark clouds gather on his personal and professional horizon. Stress at work caused by the oncoming market crash – and an affair with a co-worker – places a great strain on his marriage. Lou feels abandoned and turns to the one man she always felt comfortable with – James. The consequences of their affair are both disastrous and extraordinary, but life has one more shock in store for James.

Forever is the Worst Long Time is a sensitive and compelling story written with a deep knowledge of human flaws, frailties and strengths right to the bittersweet ending.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews