Love Her Madly by M. Elizabeth Lee

Love Her Madly
M. Elizabeth Lee

Atria Books

One damp January morning Glo Roebuck meets Cyn Williams on their first day at a small progressive college in Florida.

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“. . . loaded with tension and a growing sense of foreboding . . .”

At first Glo thinks Cyn is an impossibly-beautiful Prom-Queen-type with a huge ego and no time for lesser mortals. Instead Cyn reveals an off-beat nature willing to go out on a limb in pursuit of new experiences, and she draws Glo into her world. Suffering from a romantic breakup and lacking drive in her life, Glo quickly falls in with Cyn’s lifestyle. Glo finds the acceptance and excitement she craves and the two become like sisters. 

Fun fills their days until handsome nice guy Raj enters their lives. They both fall for him, and unwilling to break their friendship, Cyn proposes that Raj share them both. Glo reluctantly accepts the idea, but the time-share puts a strain on all of them. The tension between Glo and Cyn comes to a climax during a study trip to Costa Rica when they are attacked by a group of strange men on a secluded island. Glo escapes to raise the alarm, but by the time the police respond Cyn has disappeared. 

Seven years later, Glo and Raj are married and living in New York City. Raj has become the actor he’d always dreamed of being. Glo is a successful lawyer. Cyn and her disappearance belong in their past – until Glo spots a familiar face. Is it Cyn, back from the dead, or is Glo suffering survivor’s guilt? Glo’s and Raj’s lives begin to unravel as old tensions resurface until a final confrontation changes them forever.

In Love Her Madly, Lee brings us sharply defined characters with human flaws and virtues struggling to make sense of their world and the dramatic events that unfold around them. The plot is loaded with tension and a growing sense of foreboding that will keep the reader turning the pages. 


Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews