Crow Talk

by Eileen Garvin


Chance brings Frankie O’Neill and Anne Ryan to the summer cottages at Beauty Bay on June Lake, Washington, in 1998. Both women have troublesFrankie is set on a vocational career as an ornithologistbut a misunderstanding with her college advisor could deprive her of vital academic qualifications. Her mother is cool and distant, and alcohol is a constant temptation. Anne immigrated from Ireland to study and teach music. An unexpected relationship with newspaper heir Tim Magnusen led to pregnancy and a loving marriage, but then a tragedy back home in Ireland caused Anne to lose her ability to make music and deprived her son Aiden of speech. With Tim’s overbearing parents interfering in theilives and adding to Aiden’s difficulties, refuge at Beauty Bay is more than welcome.

Frankie is determined to continue her studies even if her advisor isn’t responding to requests to defend her thesis. Her discovery of an injured baby crow in the woods leads her to befriend Anne and Aiden, and sets Frankie off on an unexpected diversion in her field of research. From the beginning it’s apparent to Anne that Frankie has a sure touch for bringing Aiden out of his silence. This and their friendship sustains all three in the face of adversity, especially when Anne’s inlaws’ interference threatens her marriage and Aiden’s future. When a violent storm hits the area it brings death and destruction, but can it also bring healing and reconciliation to Anne and Frankie’s lives? Whatever happens, life will never be the same for any of them.

Crow Talk is a warm and charming story of love, friendship and reconciliation delivered by an author who knows her subject. One for readers looking for reassurance that things can get better in their lives.