Hide Away

Jason Pinter

Thomas & Mercer

One night, evil shattered the lives of a young family living in Darien, Connecticut. Police corruption and incompetence compounded the horror. Faced with harsh realities, Rachel Marin and her two children took new identities and moved far away. The town of Ashby, Illinois offered them a new life, aided by sympathetic Mayor Constance Wright. Rachel thought her family would find peace, although she would forever be on guard. Years later Mayor Wright fell into disgrace. Now she’s taken a dive off the high walkway of the Albertson Bridge. Suicide? Rachel’s sure it isn’t. She convinces Ashby PD of her theory, although she distrusts cops with a passion. Detectives Serrano and Tally dislike civilians getting mixed up in police work, yet they believe Rachel is on to something.

. . . a cracking pace right up to the heart-in-the-mouth ending.

Serrano and Tally seem like good cops, but Rachel needs to see justice done for Constance. She works her way into the investigation and opens up a whole can of worms. Too much about the circumstances of the former mayor’s fall from grace doesn’t add up. Too many people had vested interests in tearing her life apart. Now someone connected to the witch hunt is determined to stop inquiries in their tracks. Who is it, and what do they have to hide? Rachel must navigate a maze of deceit to get to the truth, but if she trusts the wrong person, it could expose her past—and prove fatal for her and her kids.

Hide Away debuts Rachel Marin, tough, resourceful, remorseless yet not lacking compassion. Pinter’s deft touch and fearless style drive the story at a cracking pace right up to the heart-in-the-mouth ending.