SEATTLE—Hinton Publishing—a new imprint of VertVolta Press dedicated to amplifying the voices of historically marginalized communities—today announced the launch of Speak the Sojourner. This monthly literary ePublication, delivered online and directly to subscribers’ inboxes, is the company’s latest commitment to showcasing diverse writers and fearless voices.

Speak the Sojourner is more than just a literary publication,” said Hinton founder Marcus Harrison Green, “it’s a platform for underrepresented voices to be heard, and under-recognized writers to be celebrated.”

For a monthly subscription fee of $10, readers will receive a curated selection of original stories, poetry, creative nonfiction, art and more. By subscribing, readers not only gain access to captivating storytelling but also contribute to supporting Pacific Northwest creatives.

The first edition features a dramatic narrative essay from Danielle Marie Holland using the life cycles of cicadas to explore family trauma, and transformation. Additionally, readers will enjoy poetry from Alex Gallo-Brown that observes the resurgence of bonds that bind us together in a hyper-politicized world.

Due to the diminishing number of publications that publish literary works, either in part or full, Speak the Sojourneraims to provide a platform for creative writers to publish their works for compensation, and gain a wider audience.

The ePublication is named after pioneering civil and women’s rights activist Sojourner Truth. Formerly enslaved, she was an outspoken advocate for abolition, temperance, and human rights in the nineteenth century.

Aside from Speak The Sojourner, Hinton Publishing plans to release the memoir Still True: The Evolution of an Unexpected Journalist by Reagan Jackson and the short story collection Three Alarm Fire by Juan Carlos Reyes later this year. Both titles promise readers a diverse and compelling literary experience that challenges convention.

For more information, please visit Hinton Publishing’s website.

About Hinton Publishing

Hinton Publishing is an imprint of VertVolta Press, founded by Marcus Harrison Green, dedicated to spotlighting the work of historically underrepresented communities. Inspired by the legacy of Leonard “Lenny” Hinton, Hinton Publishing seeks to rectify historical injustices and create a platform for diverse voices to be heard and celebrated.