Ghost Chip? Where is it?

The Handler

Jeffrey S. Stephens

Post Hill Press

CIA operatives Nick Reagan and his partner Carol Gellos are on the trail of new technology that could give terrorists a dangerous edge should it fall into their hands. The Ghost Chip can render computerized equipment untraceable, making it impossible for government agencies around the world to track terrorists. American authorities are already concerned. Intercepted communications suggest an attack within the US is imminent. A mysterious Handler is behind the plan, but who and where is he?

The chase is on. Clues from the Quran and intelligence intercepts lead Reagan and Gellos in a race against time from China to the US, France and back to stop the Handler from carrying out his hideous plan. Two targets across America are hit. Innocent lives are lost, but events don’t go as planned for either side. Reagan learns a third target is in The Handler’s sights, one with even greater potential for huge casualties, but where is it? Should The Handler get hold of a Ghost Chip there will be no stopping the plot from going ahead. As Reagan closes in on the elusive suspect he realizes there’s a personal connection between them.

Nick Reagan is a stereotypical hotshot secret agent who disregards rules and laws when they get in his way. Fiercely patriotic, he’ll do whatever it takes to get the bad guy. The author has been selective about the interpretations and context of the verses from the Quran used in the story, and some readers might find the Islamophobic thread to the storyline offensive.