Crossing the Line by Laura Castoro

August 1, 2002
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Crossing the Line
A Novel
Laura Castoro

Berkley Publishing Group
August 2002
Trade Paperback/336 pages
ISBN: 0425185753
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" . . . a stream of undercurrents that hooks the reader from the start."

". . . not just another romance novel . . ."

"Ms. Castoro . . . uses subtle undercurrents so that the reader can focus on what the story is really about."

Crossing the Line is a stream of undercurrents that hooks the reader from the start. On the surface, this novel appears to be a typical love story. Thea Morgan, recently widowed, unexpectedly encounters her first love at her sister’s third wedding, Xavier Thornton, the officiating minister. He pursues, she flees, but he persists until she finally has to face the truth of her feelings for him and her past that she no longer can hide.



Don’t be deceived. This is not just another romance novel, although the author, Laura Castoro, is an accomplished romance writer. With Thea Morgan, a black woman, having to deal with the death of her perfect “white” husband, the bitter feelings she hoards toward her sister, Selma, who walked out of Thea’s wedding shouting, “Just because you look white and marrying white, don’t make you white!”, and raising a rebellious teenager daughter who states, “I don’t want to be black”, there is no way this is formula writing. It is mainstream and it’s good.


What makes it so good is that Ms. Castoro manages to avoid overwhelming the reader with the emotions of a black woman struggling to find which world she fits in, black or white, with her use of subtle undercurrents so that the reader can focus instead on what the story is really about: Thea finding love and forgiveness with Xavier, her sister and family, her daughter, Jesse, and herself.
Reviewer: E. M. Kurecka


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