Blood on the Tracks
Barbara Nickless

Thomas & Mercer

Sidney Rose Parnell has seen some of the worst things humans can do to others.

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“One for contemporary thriller lovers everywhere.”

During her time with the Marines in Iraq she served with Mortuary Affairs, those who clean up the remains after the IEDs have exploded and the firefights and mortar attacks are done. The deaths of her lover and comrades left Sidney with PTSD. Now she’s a Railroad Police Special Agent, based in Denver with her ex-Marine K9 partner Clyde. Haunted by ghosts and memories, Sidney and Clyde depend on each other to see the day through. 

The homicide of a young woman, Elise Hensley, brings in Sidney to help Denver PD as it appears to have links to the railroad hobo community. Even Sidney balks at what has been done to the victim, especially as she’s the daughter of the man who virtually brought Sidney up. Determined to find the killer, Sidney and Clyde set out in pursuit of the number one suspect – Tucker Rhodes, a hideously-scarred Iraq vet known as the Burned Man and Elise’s lover. 

It soon dawns on Sidney that the case is linked to her own past and an incident in Iraq that the authorities would prefer to remain hidden. Together with Michael Cohen of Denver PD, she and Clyde must face a vicious gang as well as agents from the shadowy corners of the American government. Can they defy the dangers in search of justice for Elise?

In Blood on the Tracks, Barbara Nickless delivers a thriller with the force of a speeding locomotive and the subtlety of a surgeon’s knife. Sidney and Clyde are both great characters with flaws and virtues to see them through a plot thick with menace. One for contemporary thriller lovers everywhere. 


Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews