Match Making for Beginners,

Maddie Dawson

Lake Union

Marnie McGraw, an ordinary young woman from Florida, is all at sea when she encounters her fiance Noah’s old money Virginian family for the first time. An innocent faux-pas immediately sets her at odds with Noah’s mom – but earns her a firm ally in the formidable shape of his great-aunt, Blix Holliday. Blix sees much of herself in the younger woman and is elated by the discovery because she’s dying and needs to find someone to replace her as magical matchmaker extraordinaire.

. . . great characters with true personalities . . . 

Marnie’s wedding to rich, feckless fly-by-night Noah is a disaster. Divorced within weeks, a shell-shocked Marnie is rescued by her family and renews her teenage love affair with Jeremy, now a doctor of physical therapy. Maybe this time she’ll settle with a nice, stable, boring guy and live the suburban life she thinks she wants. But Fate has a surprise in store when Blix passes away, leaving Marnie an eccentric brownstone house in Brooklyn, two lodgers – and a whole host of problems to solve. There’s Jessica, still in love with her ex-husband, although she won’t admit it. There’s Lola, Blix’s old friend and neighbor, reluctant to show her attraction to her late husband’s best friend. There’s Patrick, a physically scarred man with a shining soul who’s reluctant to show his face outside the brownstone’s basement apartment. And then there’s Noah, crashing back into Marnie’s life with his own agenda. Torn between Florida and Brooklyn and a growing attraction to Patrick, can Marnie negotiate the perils, pitfalls and magical chaos of Blix’s world and find the life and love she needs?

Match Making for Beginners is a lovely, lyrical, funny and moving story about lost souls and those who find love and guide them. Marnie and Blix are great characters with true personalities you’ll love to read more adventures about.