Black Fire
James Kidman

Dorchester Leisure
May 15, 2004
Trade Paperback/339 pages
ISBN: 0-8439-5327-6
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"Inside every man is a fire."

". . . a suspenseful horror novel that will keep you riveted until the last page . . ."

Inside every man is a fire. For some men it is a white fire, burning with the light of all the good things they do. The Farris men burn with a black fire, a fire that consumed Michael Farris and now waits to consume his son, Eddie.


Eddie Farris is caught between two worlds, the world of seven years ago when he killed his father, and a world where Rachel, his one true love, has come back to town with a secret. Eddie’s father isn’t dead.

In an effort to understand what is happening to Rachel and to him, Eddie Farris looks seven years into the past, hoping to reconstruct the events that led to The Showdown. After The Showdown, Eddie spent some time in the hospital and wrote an account of all he remembered of that fateful night when his happy world exploded in the flames of the black fire. He has read the accounts of the murders the men of his family committed, from the asylum fire that claimed his grandfather’s daughter to the pie eating contest that ended with seven girls dead. But he is running out of time.

James Kidman creates a jigsaw puzzle of words and images that seesaw between the past and the present, keeping the reader in suspense about the outcome. Black Fire holds true to the author’s promise and although the reader thinks he has solved the puzzle before Eddie Farris discovers the truth, each new revelation only drags the reader further into the story and into the characters. With nightmare dreams and vivid imagination, Black Fire is a suspenseful horror novel that will keep you riveted until the last page.
Reviewer: J. C. Cornwell