Angels Burning by Tawni O'Dell

Angels Burning
Tawni O’Dell

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Police Chief Dove Carnahan watches over her hometown of Buchanan, PA with a benevolent eye.

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“. . . great read for any fan of detective fiction . . .”

Her workload is usually non-taxing. Neighbor and domestic disputes, theft, speeding drivers, and showing her face at civic functions take up her day. A murder in the ruins of a nearby mining town abandoned due to an underground fire throws everything into the melting pot. Seventeen-year-old Camio Truly seemed to have a lot going for her. A diligent straight-A student with ambitions that reached far beyond her dysfunctional redneck family, Camio seemed destined for a better life. So who would kill the pretty teenager and attempt to dispose of her body in a burning sinkhole?

Together with on-and-off lover State Police Corporal Nolan Greely, Dove investigates the circumstances surrounding Camio’s life. Attention soon focuses on the Truly family, a widespread clan of ne’er-do-wells ruled by the malevolent matriarch Miranda Truly. Faced with their hostility, Dove attempts to work around them in order to find the truth, but she’s distracted when faces from her past come back to haunt her. They raise issues Dove would rather not see the light of day, but perhaps those very issues could guide her to the murderer. 

In Angels Burning, Tawni O’Dell creates a vibrant and compelling cast of characters with their own foibles, flaws and virtues. Her take on family relationships is deftly drawn and leavened with nice touches of humor. Angels Burning is a great read for any fan of detective fiction.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews