A Song of Shadows
by John Connolly

Emily Bestler Books

Charlie Parker, PI. The name has struck fear into the hearts of wrongdoers for years.

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“. . . read with the lights on and the door locked.”

Now Charlie’s living on the shores of Maine, recuperating from a near-fatal shooting and thinking over what happened to him. His recovery from severe injuries is wavering and uncertain, but life hasn’t finished with him yet. 

Befriending his neighbor Ruth Wilson and her young daughter seems a harmless way to reintegrate into the normal world, but Charlie soon senses Ruth is in deep trouble. Ruth has secrets that stretch back to World War II and the Nazi death camps, and someone is determined that she’ll never spill those secrets. His protective instincts aroused, Charlie finds himself in a race against time to protect not only Ruth and her daughter, but his own child and the community he’s becoming part of – but someone in that community is the root of the evil. Luckily Charlie’s not alone. Support and guidance is to be had, some of it in unexpected ways from unexpected sources, and Charlie will need all the help and all the skills he can muster to face the final threat.

In A Song of Shadows, Charlie Parker returns with a vengeance in John Connoly’s latest thriller. Charlie is a strong and likable hero who stands guardian between the shadows and the light. Strong images and horror make A Song of Shadows a book to read with the lights on and the door locked.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews