A Rush of Wings
Adrian Phoenix

Trade Paperback/399 pages
ISBN: 1-4165-4144-6
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". . . recasts paranormal romance into a darker, hotter and more compelling genre."

A Rush of Wings : The power to protect and destroy evil comes on a rush of wings.

The Cross Country Killer strikes again, changing his MO and leaving a bloody corpse and a message outside the café where Dante holds court among his adoring rock and roll fans. FBI Special Agent Heather Wallace has been tracking the Cross Country Killer for months. Her instincts tell her Dante is the CCK’s target, the reason he has come to New Orleans. Heather finds herself caught up in Dante’s spell, but she doesn’t believe he is a vampire. Or is he? The more time she spends with Dante, the more she’s convinced there’s more to the tangled shadows of the past Dante cannot remember and the power that surrounds him like a second skin. Heather is locked in a trap of Machiavellian deceit and evil, and Dante is the key.

A Rush of Wings is Adrian Phoenix’s debut novel, but she honed her skills as a short story dark fantasist and it shows. With a fresh and exciting voice that leaves the reader breathless with anticipation, Phoenix weaves a spell with ancient mythological roots that recasts paranormal romance into a darker, hotter and more compelling genre. A Rush of Wings is a revelation of imagination and characterization.

The relationships between Dante, Heather and Lucien De Noir—indeed all the characters—are complex and gripping. None of the characters in A Rush of Wings is merely decoration. They hint at mysterious depths, and it is certain Adrian Phoenix still has countless fathoms to go with them. There is no doubt she will unleash more of the amazing and magical spell of potent and thrilling prose she has woven here. I can hardly wait.

Reviewer: J. M. Cornwell