A. Kind of Grief by A. D. Scott

A Kind of Grief
A. D. Scott

Atria Paperback

The northeast of Scotland in 1959 is a beautiful and tranquil place, remote and unchanging, which is how journalist Joanne Ross likes it.

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“. . . a cozy mystery with a difference . . .”

Newly married to McAllister, she and her two young daughters have found a refuge from a terrible previous marriage, one that has left scars both physical and mental on Joanne. 

An article about a witch trial draws Joanne’s attention to the accused, Alice Ramsay. On meeting Alice, Joanne finds far more questions than answers. Why was such an absurd charge brought in the first place? Why is a talented artist and refined woman like Alice Ramsay living a solitary life in a high Sutherland glen? And why has she attracted the attention of vicious local gossip Mrs. Mackenzie? 

Joanne’s article about the case in the Highland Gazette leads to consequences that upset Alice, ending their nascent friendship. When word reaches Joanne that Alice was found hanged, she’s convinced Alice would never take her own life. She suspects murder may have been committed – but by whom, and what was their motive? It’s not long before the outside world, in the shape of shadowy government agencies, begins to intrude upon the lives of Joanne, her family and newspaper colleagues. Convinced the answers lie in Alice Ramsay’s past, Joanne investigates – but what she discovers shakes her to the core. 

In A Kind of Grief, A. D. Scott presents an enthralling mystery cradled in the world of rural Scotland in the late 1950’s. Joanne’s steely resolve, McAllister’s kindness, the innocence of a cub reporter, the Scottish towns, glens and mountains in Fall, the smoke-filled offices of the Highland Gazette… All the characters and locations have real personalities. For those seeking a cozy mystery with a difference, this book is for you. 


Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews