Light of the Moon
Luanne Rice

Hardcover/386 pages
ISBN: 0-553-80511-8
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". . .a worthwhile and enjoyable read with twists in every chapter."

Light of the Moon is an inspiring story of a dedicated daughter with a promise to keep to her dying mother. The readers are transported to an area of France rich in Romany (read Gypsy) tradition and history. Most people visit the French Camargue to see the fabled white horses and bulls whose wild spirits invigorate the stunning marshlands. The Camarguaise horses are an ancient breed, dating back to the Paleolithic period – seventeen thousand years ago. They are found only in one place in the entire world – the salt plains of southeastern France. There are only thirty herds of white horses in existence; they run wild through the salt water.

In this unbelievable setting, our heroine, anthropologist Suzannah Connolly not only relates to the people and folklore but finds a lonely man, Grey, with an emotionally troubled daughter, Sari. Her desire to help them both leads her back to the United States to confront the one woman whose secrets can unlock years of sorrow and betrayal for the man she loves and his child. Sari was abandoned by her Gypsy mother when she ran away with her Gypsy lover. A curse is put on Grey, the American husband, and his Gypsy wife and for many years, Sari regards the abandonment as proof her mother doesn’t love her anymore otherwise she would return. Fiercely jealous of any women who find an interest in her father, she frightens them away at all costs. But Suzannah doesn’t frighten that easily and attempts to unlock the fears in Sari’s still fragile mind.

Interject a saint revered by the Romanys, Saint Sarah Maries-de-la Mer, Suzannah’s confrontation with Maria, Sari’s mother now pregnant, and the revelation that Sari needs her, the author’s storytelling makes this a worthwhile and enjoyable read, providing twists in every chapter. The description of the magical landscape and Gypsy history also lends a historical perspective.

Reviewer: Sandra Masters McCart