The Headmaster's Wife by Thomas Christopher Green The Headmaster’s Wife
Thomas Christopher Greene

ISBN: 978-1-250-03894-4

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The Headmaster’s Wife is an absorbing story of desire and deceit by Thomas Christopher Greene. The reader meets Arthur Winthrop, the Headmaster of Lancaster School, as he gives testimony to why he was walking naked in Central Park. Arthur tells the police officer he must start at the beginning.

The beginning of Arthur’s story is Betsy Pappas and his infatuation with her as a new student at Lancaster. Betsy’s simplicity and scholarship status is intriguing to Arthur. Betsy doesn’t come from money as other Lancaster students. In fact Betsy has little in common with the typical boarding school student.

Arthur looks for any excuse to be with Betsy. He invites her to accompany him to fundraising events, an innocent and usual practice. Although Arthur’s intent has nothing to do with Lancaster, his goal is Betsy Pappas. How far will Arthur go for her? Will he risk his status for her?

Part two of The Headmaster’s Wife expands on the story of Elizabeth Winthrop, Arthur’s wife and their son, Ethan. It also brings an unexpected twist.

The Headmaster’s Wife includes adult content.

Reviewer: Tammy L. Sanchez, MPW; Freelance Writer