Growing Tomorrow

Growing Tomorrow: Behind the Scenes with 18 Extraordinary Sustainable Farmers Who Are Changing the Way We Eat
Forrest Pritchard

The Experiment Publishing, LLC

Farmer-author Forrest Pritchard took a road trip across America from coast to coast to see sustainability in organic food production in action.

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“. . . certain to appeal to all gardeners, environmentalists and lovers of good food.”

He visited a wide variety of sustainable farms and their related businesses, interviewed their owners and workers for nuggets of farming wisdom, and then compiled his findings into a seminal work Growing Tomorrow. With gorgeous color photography and scrumptious recipes featuring organic ingredients included, this book doubles as a cookbook as well as an informative text.

Foodies and wannabe organic farmers alike will find insight in these pages. The woods of  Missouri provide a natural setting to grow flavor-filled fungus at Ozark Forest Mushrooms. Urban farmers will be particularly pleased with D-Town Farms, located in the middle of Detroit, and their success in helping inner city youth gain access to fresh produce not available in the crumbling metropolitan area’s “food desert”. The Texas Honeybee Guild keeps their beehives on the rooftops of downtown Dallas skyscrapers. How’s that for effective use of urban space? Even the weeds in the sidewalk cracks and the flower boxes of an urban area can provide more than enough sustenance for our pollinators. Livestock thrive on sustainable farms, as “free range pigs” grow fat on acorns at the Black Oak Holler Farm in West Virginia. Cows and goats enjoy stress-free lives at the Ronnybrook Farm Dairy in New York’s Hudson Valley and at the Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy in Colorado. Sustainability practices in fishing are more than necessary in this period of climate change, as Massachusetts lobster fisherman Nick Muto can attest.

With over 300 pages of information and inspiration, Growing Tomorrow is certain to appeal to all gardeners, environmentalists and lovers of good food.

Reviewer: Cindy A. Matthews