Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Looking Down The Creative Rabbit Hole – Emily Hanlon

Unearthing the deep-rooted creativity and passion that inspires fictional characters requires an author to expect the unexpected. That’s one pearl of wisdom author Emily Hanlon shared with writers recently at a workshop focusing on unleashing and developing characters from the imagination.

Harlequin Editor Defines the Elusive Query Letter

"If you can't tell us the concept, you're probably not ready to submit." Harlequin Editor Defines The Elusive Query Letter Highlights of a DFW Writers Workshop Seminar NOVEMBER, 1996 DALLAS/FORT WORTH -- It is the nagging question every writer...

Why Do Editors Reject Books

"The greatest mistake many authors make is to be too calculating." Why Do Editors Reject Books By Thomas J. Colgan Senior Editor, Berkley Publishing Let's face it. Publishing isn't rocket science. And thank goodness it doesn't require any...

The Writer’s Passion, Power and Profit

"A writer has the power to inspire and educate, to change lives and the course of the world..." The Writer's Passion, Power and Profit From Jo Ann Hamlin's welcoming remarks to the 14th Annual Southwest Writers Workshop Conference August, 1996,...