How to Write a Good Resume with Lack of Experience?

If you’ve just finished college, have no working experience, but want to get a good job, your resume must stick out.

You might wonder, but isn’t that some sort of a paradox? How could I have a good resume with no working experience?

While it’s true that successful candidates have some background experience in the job industry, you don’t have to be a pro to get selected for an interview. Your high-potential resume might be just as good.

Don’t panic, check out the solutions we’ve got for you. This is what you have to do to make up for your lack of experience in the field.

  1. Write a relevant summary statement

Your first goal is to brainstorm your career objectives. Think about your studies and write down what you’d like to accomplish in the next few years. Without knowing where you’re heading, you cannot access the right tools that’ll take you there, and a company would not know why they’re hiring you.

Your summary statement is important for it shows the employer that you’re determined in accomplishing your A, B, and C goals. Professionally, you might then be a good fit for them, especially if they’re looking for young, talented graduates whose goals align with the company’s. This is your business card; this is the first impression that could make them read your application forward.

  1. Your education & skills are essential

Since you’ve just finished college, your experience cannot and will not be as vast as another applicant’s. But that does not mean you should get discouraged. AssignmentHolic recommends highlighting your academic skills as they would have already been used on the job market. That means, believe that your college skills will be useful for the company you’re applying for, and prepare yourself for assuming this role. Yes, you’ve just graduated but also yes, you’ve got enough experience to be entering the job market. Believe in yourself and the skills you’ve acquired while you were studying because they’re truly relevant.

  1. Get a functional resume format

There are three types of resume formats you can choose from – the functional, the chronological, and the hybrid. You should go for the functional one since you’ve got little to no working experience.

This format will highlight your accomplishments and achievements during college and focus less on the experience you’ve got in the job industry. Resume specialist, John Morgan, who also works for Assignment Master, notes that ‘A functional resume will help your college experience get noticed faster than any other type of resume format.’

  1. Technical details are important

Let’s not forget about the technical details, since they can be of essential importance when applying for a job. Errors will stick out, especially if your company uses an applicant tracking system or ATS to scan resumes. With no previous work experience, you must keep your writing error-free. That’s why it’s always good to consult with an essay writer right before submitting your portfolio. They’ll be able to check your resume for mistakes and proofread everything for you.

  1. Your achievements must be highlighted

The first and most important thing to remember is that your achievements are the core of your resume. That being said, you must learn how to sell them properly. First, develop a list of your achievements during college and highlight your acquired expertise for each point. Think of how your college experience could transfer to the real-world field.

Second, write these answers on a different sheet of paper and then, polish them to be included in your resume. Essay Geeks specialist Jay Marshal writes, ‘The best way to highlight your college achievements is to understand them and then, attribute them real-world value.’

  1. Internships are your experience

No matter whether they were paid or unpaid, internships are the most relevant experience you’ve got. ‘Experience required’ could also read ‘Internship experience required,’ especially when the companies refer to newly graduated college students.

Go ahead and remember all of the jobs you’ve accomplished during your college years. Yes, I am referring to them as jobs because that’s exactly what they are. Internships are jobs, and they’re extremely relevant, don’t let anyone discourage you. As an intern working for Easy Essay, I’ve accumulated more experience than I could’ve ever wished for. Having worked here for almost a full year, I was able to become a professional copywriter soon after getting my first job. Without the internship, I would’ve never succeeded.

  1. Your cover letter

But your resume is not everything you should be concerned about. There’s also the cover letter component to your application. Even when a cover letter is not required, it’s really good to include one. This will show enthusiasm and determination to get the job. This is your chance to show the employer why you want to work for their company, and to prove your point.

  1. Customizing your resume

Don’t forget to include specific keywords in your application. They will make it stand out. You must appeal to each employer in a different, unique way if you want to get the job. Writing one-size-fits-all types of resumes won’t get you anywhere. The job requirements are different for each specific position you’re applying for, so make sure you get noticed by customizing your resume.

Wrapping Up

There is no perfect strategy that’ll get you the job. But if you’re lacking experience, the above tips will help you out. Make sure you pick the functional type of resume, write a relevant summary statement, include your achievements and internships, update your cover letter, and customize the text for each job application. Good luck!

Author Bio:

John Peterson is a journalist having worked for BestCustomEssay for 4 years now. Before that, John had also worked as an assignment writing help assistant for the London magazine “Shop&buy”. He is a professional mini-tennis player, and he has written a novel “His heart,” a book that will be promoted by a professional essay writing service UK. You can find John on Facebook.