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4 Ways to Improve Your Blog Content

September 1, 2017
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4 Ways to Improve Your Blog Content
By Diane Keller, Guest Columnist

September 2017

Today the majority of businesses have a blog. An effective tool to help boost marketing efforts, as well as increase search engine traffic, keeping a blog is now one of the most credible content resources for businesses of all shapes and sizes. But, in order to reap the benefits that come from blogging, you have to understand your industry inside and out and that knowledge needs to be reflected upon in the content that you produce. If you are new to blogging or struggling to grow your readership, here are 4 ways you can improve your content that will encourage you to hone your blogging skills while also growing your audience.

“While your content might be expertly written, if your posts lack substance, they will most likely fall flat..”

1. Get creative with your content

Engaging consumers should be the primary purpose of every business blog. While your content might be expertly written, if your posts lack substance, they will most likely fall flat. Focusing on both high-quality and readable content can be particularly challenging if your company falls within the definition of a “boring industry”. That’s to say, you are not a hip new startup, but more in the business of accounting and real estate.

Louise E. Page, a fencing materials distributor realized that their specialty might not be the most exciting, but that didn’t stop them from getting creative with their blog. The fencing experts publish posts covering everything from practical guides, to offering consumers advice, in addition to a few lighthearted posts about how to make art from fencing materials. Even if you aren’t in a boring industry, there are various ways to spice up your content that will make it more meaningful and relevant for your consumers.

“Generating interest in your work means creating content that your readers will want to share.”

2. Create useful content

In addition to creating added value, businesses can also use blog content to spread the word about their company. But, don’t expect your posts to immediately go viral. Generating interest in your work means creating content that your readers will want to share. To increase user activity, many companies aim to make their content applicative to their audience’s everyday lives. Many businesses focus content on new insights, practical knowledge, which their readers are more likely to share:

  1. Tools and tips articles offer readers examples of how your product can be used in their daily lives
  2. Trendy content focuses on a current event and relates your business to what’s trending at the moment which engages readers in real time
  3. Original content allows your business to bring something new to the table, showing readers you value knowledge and are doing more than just trying to sell a product

To ensure you are creating content that will speak to your readers, make sure your do your market research ahead of time. Understanding your target audience will help you compose relevant and useful content for both you and your readers.

“Using social media is not only recommended but is the most effective method for boosting user engagement.”

3. Cross collaborate

Even the biggest industry experts need a little inspiration from time to time. To avoid your blog topics from getting tired and monotonous, consider inviting a guest writer or industry expert to contribute. In addition to breathing new life into your blog posts, guest bloggers offer new perspectives, while also connecting your blog to a whole new audience. Regular cross-collaborations show that your business is open-minded and willing to partner up with other industry experts, which makes room for potential collaborations in the future.

4. See what works or doesn’t work through  social media

Once you’ve got your content flow going strong, it’s time to introduce your body of work to the world. Using social media is not only recommended but is the most effective method for boosting user engagement. In order to make the most of your social media activity, there are a few ways that you can use social channels to monitor user activity that will improve your blog posts:

  1. Sharing content that relates to a specific event, whether it’s a holiday or current trend, will boost awareness and encourage readers to share as it is relevant at that moment
  2. Make sure you have a social media schedule, so you can consistently post original content, which helps build an audience over time
  3. Monitor user engagement via social media so that you can focus on which content engenders a negative reaction and work towards strengthening any weaknesses you have in your content.

Whether you already have an active blog, or you are currently writing your first blog post, as long as you know who you are writing for and remain open to trying new things, you are sure to build a loyal readership in no time.

Dr. Diane Keller

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Dr. Diane Schleier-Keller is a business strategist and finance columnist. She has 3 years of experience in M&A and has been traveling the world to help train entrepreneurs to succeed in their business. You may also connect with her on Twitter.

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