You Still Love Me
Regina Edwards-Drumm

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From a very early age Regina Edwards Drumm loved to read. There were so many great books that she read growing up, but her real love affair was with the romance novel. Besides reading what she could get her hands on, she began filling up lots of notebooks with tales of her own.

Back then… it seemed like a farfetched dream to grow up and be a romance novelist. That dream was better known as a fairytale. So Regina needed to do the next best thing, find a career path that would allow her to write. While in high school she wrote for her school newspaper, yearbook and local hometown paper. This led her to obtain her B.A. in Communications and MBA. Thus began her twenty plus year career as a marketing and public relations professional.

Still unable to give up chasing the dream of writing that great novel, a good friend of Regina’s suggested that they join a local writers group. Central New York Romance Writers welcomed them with open arms. This group of incredible writers was eager to share their knowledge and secrets to success with them. It was through this group that Regina learned the finer art of writing a novel and what was involved in the publishing industry.

Now, after many years of learning and creating that novel, Regina is pleased to have published her debut novel, You Still Love Me, book 1 of the Wayward Wives Club Series, now available on and Regina enjoys creating stories that warm your heart and bring families together. She writes both contemporary and historical romances. Her second book is scheduled to be released the beginning of June, 2012.

About the Author
Regina Edwards-Drumm

Regina calls home on 15 acres in Upstate New York. She shares her life with her wonderful husband Bill (who often inspires her heroes), two beautiful stepdaughters, and a couple of lovable beagles who are more like children then dogs. Her family lives in the area and she enjoys spending time with them.

When Regina isn’t writing one of her heartfelt romances about bringing families together, she is running her own marketing company and teaching college business students the finer points of being successful in the business world.

If you would like to learn more about Regina and her books, visit her website at Regina also has a blog, A way with words, where she discusses her journey to getting published.

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