Lessons in Laughing Out Loud
By Rowan Coleman
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Gallery Books, March 2012
Trade Paperback, 384 pages
ISBN-10: 1451606419
ISBN-13: 9781451606416


Willow Briars only has to glance at her identical twin sister, Holly-slim, happy, married with two beautiful children-to see how her life might have turned out differently. The divorced Willow, who works at a London talent agency, has all the outward trappings of success, yet her dissatisfaction is growing along with her dress size. Add in a long-term, fruitless crush on her friend Daniel, and Willow has started to feel invisible.

Then she buys a mysterious pair of vintage shoes that make her feel sexy, daring, more confident. Since she's also babysitting a disgraced starlet and caring for the ex-stepdaughter who just landed on her doorstep, her life is suddenly full. Willow must reevaluate everything she once believed about love, heartache, and her own worth. But can she learn how to stop running from her past and embrace whatever her future may hold?

This heartfelt, uplifting novel is a story of courage, second chances, and learning how a thousand small pleasures—shared laughter, beautiful shoes, an unexpected kiss—can make all the difference in the world.