Editor’s note: In 2003, we at Authorlink helped Graydon Dee Hubbard enhance his first book, SLIM TO NONE, which he ghost wrote from the diaries of Jennifer Hendrix, then we helped him land a publisher, McGraw-Hill Education.  We were pleased to receive this message about his recent success and thought it worth sharing. Dee is a good example of a writer who never, ever gave up. His latest book, AT THE ALTARS OF MONEY was published by a small press, Daniel & Daniel. Congratulations, Dee!

With two Denver Post best sellers behind me, I’m out with my third book and second novel.

For years I’ve thought I was cursed with aspiration that exceeds rational expectation. Maybe not. For a few days, AT THE ALTARS OF MONEY was Amazon’s #1 best seller among new books about “Wealth Management”. Why that category? Makes no sense. Of the hundreds of wealth management books Amazon tracks, mine’s the only novel. It’s FICTION! Now I gotta issue a disclaimer: no one should use this book as a guide to managing wealth.

Graydon Dee Hubbard, author of At the Altars of Money. You helped me…and many others…get started down the sometimes thorny path to publication, and I’m forever grateful for that. You can color me crazy for pursuing a late-in-life literary career! But I’m also persistent.

After years of researching, writing, revising, and searching for a publisher, my new novel finally is available. In this book, I seek to entertain and engage readers in settings ranging from Denver and Colorado’s high country to Manhattan and from the Bahamas to the Scottish Highlands. A major work, the book is also informative, provocative, and willing to challenge popular beliefs.

Infused with prominent real people, real events, and real places, the book blends keen minds with romantic hearts and intrepid souls, then adds a satirical edge. As it scripts the financial meltdown of 2008, it also celebrates love, redemption…and mountain climbing. When my imagined characters stage an intriguing dilemma featuring a modern-day Robin Hood, should society brand him (or her) a criminal or a hero?

I call the book a romp. My publisher says it’s extraordinary. Bonnie says it’s quirky. Age is starting to take its toll, and this is also my last hurrah…or my last whimper, depending on reader and reviewer reactions.

Here’s a link to my latest contribution to our excess information age – my author website.


I don’t do social media, and I’d really appreciate your help in spreading the word to others. Feel free to share this in any way you think appropriate. You’re an author’s advocate extraordinaire. May your advocacy continues to bring you great satisfaction as well,

Dee Hubbard