The Word Guild has opened submissions for The Word Awards. If you have work that was published during the year 2020, or if you have an unpublished manuscript you wish to enter, now is the time to enter.
New this year
If you’ve taken part in a recent TWG Members meeting, you may know that The Word Guild is in the process of exploring a number of changes to the Word Awards. One of the changes they’re making this year is to bring even more contest submissions online. For authors, this means a shift from sending a physical book to submitting an electronic (PDF) copy instead.
The original process required authors to mail their books to coordinators, who then mailed them to judges. In the new process, entrants will submit PDF copies of their books over the internet. This results in savings for authors, who no longer need to purchase and send us copies of their own books by mail. It also eliminates the potential challenges of visiting a post office during the pandemic, or of your book arriving late or getting lost in transit.
How to Submit Your Entry
You will need a PDF copy of your book and a cover image in order to submit your entry. Once you have the PDF document ready, click the Submission Form and follow the steps. Coordinators will receive your entry quickly and directly.
Here’s the link to the information page. The Word Awards
If you have any questions, please send a message at