Simon & Schuster announced that it would extend relief assistance to public and school libraries and bookselling retailers that have been damaged in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. The program is similar to the assistance offered by Simon & Schuster following Hurricane Harvey, and is intended to help libraries, schools and booksellers in Florida and other affected states and U.S. Caribbean territories to replenish their libraries and book stores in the wake of the flooding and destruction throughout the region.

  • Through the Simon & Schuster Education & Library marketing department, the company is offering to any public or school library damaged by Hurricane Irma a donation of 250 “Best of” titles to help in the restoration of their collections.  Schools and libraries that wish to request assistance can email Simon & Schuster
  • For retail accounts that have been damaged by the hurricane, Simon & Schuster will provide free of charge multiple copies of 20 new releases and bestsellers to help them attract customers as they restore their businesses to normal operating conditions. Booksellers in need of more immediate support are encouraged to contact the Book Industry Charitable (BINC) Foundation at,
  • The company is already working with national and local non-profits such as First Book to provide books for children and adults displaced by Hurricane Harvey, and will expand its donations to include those affected by Irma.