April 20-27, 2006 Edition

Random House

Launches New Mystery

Paperback Line, Mortalis

Random House Trade Paperbacks will launch a new program, Mortalis, featuring mysteries and thrillers that are historical and/or international in scope, in Spring 2007. The list will include trade paperback originals as well as reprints of classic mysteries, international thrillers, and the occasional tale of true crime.

“Mortalis gives us an ideal way to introduce the best new writers as well as to celebrate the masters in these genres,” said Jane von Mehren, Vice President and Publisher, Trade Paperbacks, Random House Publishing Group. “We will support the program with unique marketing and publicity initiatives, tailored to this special group of authors and their especially dedicated readers.”

Mortalis will republish some classic authors such as Martin Cruz Smith , P. D. James, Robert Harris, Agatha Christie, and Wilkie Collins. The first list in Spring ’07 will include three original trade paperbacks: Boris Akunin’s SISTER PELAGIA AND THE WHITE BULLDOG (the start of a new series from an internationally bestselling author), New York Times Notable author David Corbett’s BLOOD OF PARADISE, and Alex Carr’s literary thriller AN ACCIDENTAL AMERICAN. Also on the list is THE BOBBED HAIRED BANDIT, a 1920’s true crime story by Stephen Duncombe and Andrew Mattson, a reprint acquired from NYU Press.

Featuring stunning new packaging, each title will contain a “dossier” in the backa brand new commentary section that illuminates a specific and intriguing aspect of the work, or the author’s career.

Senior Editor Mark Tavani and Editor Judy Sternlight will help von Mehren to oversee the program, and all Random House and Ballantine Editors will be able to acquire for it.