February 1-15, 2004 Edition

Random House Forms

Single Sales Force

For Adult Imprints

NEW YORK, NY/1/27/04—Random House has merged its adult sales groups into a single force which combines into one selling entity the imprints for Random House, Crown, and Knopf, Bantam Dell, Doubleday, Broadway, Ballantine, adult audio, and Random House Information. The children’s sales force will remain separate.

The move, largely the result of retailers requests for consolidation, eliminates ten sales positions according to an internal memo by COO Don Weisberg, leaving a merged adult sales force of about 70. The children’s group includes about 30 reps.

Madeline McIntosh remains as senior vice president of the consolidated sales force. Paul Kozlowski continues to serve as director of retail field sales, reporting to deputy director of adult sales Marty McGrath. Christian Waters, deputy director of retail field sales, will oversee key accounts and Ruth Liebmann will direct independent bookselling. Both Waters and Liebmann will report to Kozlowski.

The changes are effective immediately.