December 7 – December 14, 2006 Edition’s First

Virtual Class Links Writers

Across Two Continents

LOS ANGELES/DALLAS/12/7/06—Writers from four states and two continents gathered at Dec. 3 for one of the first-ever “virtual” writing courses on the Internet. HOW TO WRITE A KILLER THRILLER, taught by bestselling author Bonnie Hearn Hill. Despite the busy holidays, Hearn Hill drew a near-capacity classroom of participants from California, Colorado, Texas, Arkansas, and as far away as Australia.

Writers watched their computer screens and shared in the live teleconference where Hearn Hill delivered the opening one-hour lecture and showed detailed notes for the eight-week class. Participants were able to ask questions and comment, all in real time.

Students will meet in the advanced virtual classroom not only for group lectures, but also for one-on-one instruction from Hearn Hill. She’ll use the virtual classroom to talk directly to students and show their individually edited documents on the classroom screen.

“You’re making history here,” Hearn Hill told participants in welcoming them to the opening session. “This is the first time anything like this has ever been done for writers.”

Authorlink CEO Doris Booth, who developed and launched the virtual classroom, said this is only the beginning of a whole lineup of virtual studies to be offered on the popular Web site for writers.

“We are planning a number virtual courses led by Bonnie and other high quality instructors. We also will offer lecture-only versions of some classes to those who missed the virtual sessions or are unable to enroll before class limits are met.”

“It’s fabulous to be able to hear Bonnie and see what she is presenting on the screen,” said participant Connie Fulmer, a university professor from Colorado. “The hour just flew by, but I feel very informed. . .”

“I will recommend this class to every writer I know,” said Glenna Jarvis, a newspaper editor from California. “Bonnie is very good.”

More information about HOW TO WRITE A KILLER THRILLER and the Authorlink Academy courses, go to

Ms. Hill Author, teacher, and public speaker, worked as a newspaper editor for 22 years, a job that, along with her natural nosiness, increased her interest in contemporary culture. Her 2003 novel, Intern was called “a page-turner” by Publishers Weekly. Killer Body (February 2004), a thriller about our weight-obsessed culture, was a Cosmopolitan magazine pick.

In September 2006, Bonnie’s series of newspaper thrillers from MIRA Books featuring hearing-impaired reporter Geri LaRue, debuted with If It Bleeds. Cutline was published Oct. 1 and Off the Record was published Nov. 1. She has also written nonfiction, including a co-authored book on the Scott Peterson murder trial.

Bonnie’s next virtual course at will be Advanced Novel Writing (Master Class), begin Saturday, Jan. 27, 2007. Those interested in signing up should e-mail Doris Booth at to receive information when it becomes available. is the news, information and marketing site for editors, agents, writers, and readers. One of the longest running communities for writers, the site attracts nearly a million visitors a year. Among other recent innovations at Authorlink is STORYLINK, a place where members can post their short stories FREE and be paid daily royalties through Paypal.