October 15-31, 2004 Edition

Penguin Young Readers

Group Wins Hot Young Adult

Fairy Tale in Heated Auction

NEW YORK, NY/10/13/04—Penguin Young Readers Group’s Lauri Hornik, Associate Publisher and Editorial Director, for Dial Books for Young Readers won I, Coriander and a second book from new novelist Sally Gardner in a heated auction this week. The deal, brokered by Fiona Kennedy of Orion Children’s Books, gives Penguin Young Readers Group the rights to publish I, Coriander and the author’s next novel in the United States. The first book is slated to be published in fall of 2005. I, Coriander will be published in Great Britain by Orion.

Penguin Young Readers Group is planning extensive marketing for this book and an initial print run of 150,000 copies. I, Coriander is an exquisite fairy tale for ages 10 and up, with touches of Charles Dickens and Lewis Carroll. Set in 17th Century London and the fairy world, this is the story of a girl who discovers her magical powers after her family comes upon tragic times. Her realization of her gifts is life-or-death for her and also for the fairy world that she has suddenly been cast into.

Formerly a theater designer, the author, Sally Gardner, has written and illustrated numerous picture books, often about fairies or other magical subjects. This is her first young adult novel.

Lauri Hornik, Associate Publisher of Dial Books for Young Readers, has this to say about her acquisition: “Coriander hasn’t left my mind since I read the manuscript. She’s an entrancing heroine in a glorious piece of writing. I haven’t been so swept away in years.”

President of Penguin Books for Young Readers, Doug Whiteman, adds, “There is already tremendous in-house buzz for I, Coriander here at Penguin. So many people fell in love with it that I knew we had to go the extra mile to get it, and I’m thrilled that it’s happened. ”