February 8 – February 15, 2007 Edition

FROM 48 TO 50
Pocket Publish Success Book
by 50 Cent and Robert Greene

NEW YORK/NY/2/5/07—Louise Burke, Pocket Books’ Executive Vice President and Publisher, announced today the acquisition of THE 50th LAW, a unique collaboration between hip-hop mogul 50 Cent and strategy guru Robert Greene.

Senior Editor Lauren McKenna, who will edit the book, purchased North American rights from Marc Gerald of The Agency Group, Ltd. in conjunction with Michael V. Carlisle of InkWell Management.

Robert Greene’s phenomenally successful book, The 48 Laws of Power, remains on bestseller lists years after its original publication and has most recently reached cult status with hip-hop artists and their managers. 50 Cent’s autobiography, From Pieces to Weight, was a New York Times bestseller. THE 50th LAW will combine Greene’s unflinching approach with 50 Cent’s remarkable background, his experiences bridging the street and corporate worlds, and his powers of analysis into a thoroughly modern book on success.

“50 Cent and Robert Greene will focus on how The 48 Laws of Power have helped a new generation of successful power brokers achieve today’s version of the American Dream.” Says Louise Burke, “They bring their talent and experience to this exciting publication.”

Adds 50 Cent, “THE 50th LAW will capture and create a visible parallel between street life and corporate America standard and structure.”

From Robert Greene, “We are living through chaotic times; the standard models for success in business and life don’t work so well anymore. 50, as the consummate strategist of the street and boardroom, exemplifies the new entrepreneurial spirit required for the 21st century. THE 50th LAW will reveal the secret to his success and how we can all apply this to our lives.”

THE 50th LAW will be published in hardcover under the MTV/Pocket Books imprint in February 2008. InkWell Management, in conjunction with The Agency Group, Ltd. will handle foreign rights.