Aug 27 – Sept 3, 2009 Edition Fanball Acquires F+W Media Sports Units

CINCINNATI, OH (AUTHORLINK NEWS, August 25, 2009)–Fantasy sports network Fanball is acquiring several of F+ W Publications’ athletics related online and offline properties. Terms of the deal, which includes contest and content sites, were not disclosed. F+W is the parent company for Writer’s Digest, which is not part of the sale.

Among the F+W properties being sold are National Fantasy Football Championship and National Fantasy Baseball Championship

David Blansfield, President, F+W Media, said in a news release, "Although we are exiting the fantasy sports market, this does not affect the rest of the sports community at F+W Media. We will continue to build our sports collectibles community through our books and magazines, auctions, data and online presence. It is a testament to their talent and reputation in the field that Greg and Tom, who have managed our fantasy sports and events businesses, have become employees of Fanball concurrent with this transaction. We congratulate them on this new opportunity."

Fanball (Fanball, is a Liberty Media ( company and was established on December 24, 1991, with the goal of becoming the largest operator of fantasy sports games in North America. Fanball consists of the assets of three companies that were acquired by FUN Technologies in 2005 and 2006. Liberty Media acquired 100% of FUN Technologies in December 2007. The first acquisition was, based in Minneapolis, MN, in 2005, the second acquisition was Fantasy Sports, Inc. (Fantasy Cup), based in York, PA, also in 2005, and finally the acquisition of CDM Fantasy Sports (CDM), based in St. Louis, MO, in 2006.