December 1-15, 2005 Edition

Erotic Fiction/Romance

Publisher Adds Graphic

Manga-Style Novels

GARIBALDI HIGHLANDS, BC/11/21/05—One erotic fiction ebook publisher has traded ten thousand pictures for words with the release of a new Yaoi-style novel by award-winning bestseller Morgan Hawke.

“With the timely submission of popular author Morgan Hawke’s Yaoi tale, a new door was opened, and a market discovered,” said Stefani V. Kelsey, Editor-in-Chief for eXtasy Books( “The popularity of Manga-style art led to the conclusion that erotic novels in that vein would be well-received, and initial sales are proving that theory.”

Although the novels follow the narrative style of manga and its offshoots, the eXtasy line is written in tight, fast-paced prose. Even without the pictures, though, TORRID and its successors are certain to entertain fans of graphic novels. That was proven by the popularity of Hawke’s Hungry Spirits, a romantic ménage written in the Manga style, and D.J. Manly’s Vampire Lust and Brennus’ Witch.

More titles are in progress, Kelsey said, including a paranormal, The Dragon’s Disciple, from RWA Golden Leaf Winner and PEARL finalist Barbara Sheridan and author/artist Anne Cain, and Snagged, by dark fantasy author and 3D artist Jet Mykles. The novels are released simultaneously in both print and ebook formats so they can be made available immediately to the broadest range of readers. They are also printed in mass-market paperback trim rather than standard trade paperback.

The eXtasy Books imprint of Zumaya Publications of Garibaldi Highlands, British Columbia, was launched in January 2003. EXtasy’s goal is to raise the bar on erotica, putting out quality books with sexual content rather than sexual content with a story around it. They specialize in books that eschew formula and break new ground, unlike many of their genre, and are proving a strong presence in an increasingly crowded field.