April 18- April 24, 2011 Edition E-Book Sales Continue to Soar

NEW YORK, NY/AUTHORLINK NEWS/April 18, 2011—E-book sales climbed 202.3% in February 2011 over January sales, according to a report last week by the Association of American Publishers. The figures included results from 16 publishers, who had a combined total of $90.3 million in e-book sales.

Meanwhile, all other trade segments experienced declines in February. Adult hardcover sales fell 43% to $46.2 million among 17 publishers reporting. Mass market paperback sales declined 41.5% to $29.3 million at nine reporting publishers.

The overall e-book sales figure of $90.3 million was the highest dollar amount recorded by any of AAP’s publishing segments for February. For the first two months of 2011, e-book sales rose 169.4%, to $164.1 million, equaling the sales of trade paperbacks for the two-month period. Trade paperback sales declined 22.5% for the two months at the 19 reporting publishers.