July 12 – July 19, 2007 Edition

Borders Pioneers
Initiative to Deliver
Cell Phone Content

Ann Arbor, Mich/7/9/2007—Borders Group, Inc. is pioneering as the world’s first bookseller to distribute content to mobile phones. The retailer will deliver sample chapters to customers’ phones free of charge prior to their release dates, and cell users can buy the book in-store for 20% off using a barcode, according to an item in Marketing Week in the UK.

A list of books will be placed on the Borders website with a password that can be sent to a specially created number. The customer will receive a confirmation text message containing an Internet link that connects and downloads the chapter to an applications file.

Borders will promote 30 new titles each month through the downloads, says Marketing Week. Laura Stafford, Border’s CRM and online manager, said the initiative builds on the company’s mobile voucher activity and its commitment to exploring how new technology can bring books to a wider audience.