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December 1-15, 2003 Edition Book/Movie Deals HarperCollins Buys Two

New Margolin Thrillers

NEW YORK, NY/11/18/03—HarperCollins has acquired Phillip Margolin’s next two thrillers in a major seven figure deal by Editor Dan Conaway. Jean Naggar of the Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency is Margolin’s agent. Harper has also acquired paperback reprint rights to Margolin’s 1993 bestseller GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN from Doubleday and is angling for reprint rights to earlier titles, THE LAST INNOCENT MAN and HEARTSTONE. Two movie deals have also been completed for Margolin through Jennifer Weltz at the Naggar Literary Agency.

Reports Book Deals

for Late November

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These book deals are reported on Authorlink as a courtesy of Deals are rated as follows:

“nice deal” $1 – $100,000 “good deal” $101,000 – $250,000 “significant deal” $251,000 – $500,000 “major deal” $501,000 and up NA, amount of the deal not available Late November


TV interior design guru (14 year veteran of HGTV, Oprah and ABC-TV’s “The Home Show”) Kitty Bartholomew and journalist Kathy Price-Robinson’s KITTY BARTHOLOMEW’S DECORATING ABC’S: Affordable, Beautiful and Comfortable Decor For Real People Living with Real Budgets, to Ellen Phillips at Rodale, for six-figures, by Ted Weinstein (world).

Late November


Independent filmmaker and women’s champion sailboarder Neva Sullaway’s CHASING DREAMTIME, an account of her spiritual, and emotional journey, boat-hopping across the South Pacific, in an effort to come to grips with her violent and harrowing past, to David Drotar at Brookview Press, in a nice deal, by Frank R. Scatoni at Venture Literary (world).

Late November


New York Post sports columnist Mike Vaccaro’s DAMN YANKEES, DAMNED SOX, a detailed look at the intense seven-game 2003 ALCS, used as a backdrop to explore the most bitter, heated rivalry in all of sports, to Jason Kaufman at Doubleday, in a good deal, in a pre-empt, by Greg Dinkin and Frank R. Scatoni at Venture Literary.

Late November


Martina Wildner’s German YA book Jede Menge Sternschnuppen (Shooting Stars Everywhere), to Marissa Walsh at Delacorte Press, in a nice deal, by Kerstin Michaelis at Beltz & Gelberg (world English).

Late November


T. Dawn Richard’s DEATH FOR DESSERT, a humorous cozy about a woman who trades her lecherous husband for a senior living complex and conspires with a dotty group of flimflammed, wildly-wicked seniors to solve a murder she may have committed, to John Helfers at Five Star, in a nice deal, for publication in trade paperback, by Robert Brown at the Wylie-Merrick Literary Agency (world).

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Statistical Update

DALLAS, TX/12/01/03—Literary agents and editors regularly surf Authorlink in search of good writers. Among major houses making requests and/or visiting the site, are: Random House, Knopf, St. Martin’s Press, Simon & Schuster, Penguin Putham and many other smaller publishers. More than 900 writers are currently listed with us. Since tracking began, 1792 requests have been processed for requested manuscripts. Of the 388 editor or agent offers we’ve been able to track, 83 have lead to publication as a direct or indirect result of exposure on Authorlink. Additional sales and agent contracts are pending.

On average, about 45-65 percent of evaluated manuscripts are requested by editors and agents, some receiving multiple requests. Of those we’ve been able to track who have received interest, about 20-25 percent are signed with agents and 10- 15 percent of these have directly sold their works to publishers. Our performance is highly effective, considering that only 2 percent of works coming in over the transom in New York ever make a sale.

The site, which matches literary agents and editors with writers, has received praise from editors at Penguin UK, Avon, Berkley, Random House, Time-Warner, Bantam Doubleday Dell and other major publishers. See “What People Are Saying About Authorlink” See “What People Are Saying About Authorlink”

An Updated Report

on Selected Authorlink Successes

This is a partial list of authors who have recently sold work as a result of having been listed with Authorlink ( See more like these in our full news archives.


IT’S HOW YOU PLAY THE GAME, by Jimmy Gleacher, to Brant Rumble at Scribner (Simon & Schuster), as a direct result of Authorlink.

DARK DESIRE, by Elaine Moore, first in a three-book sale to iBooks, Inc. (distributed by Simon & Schuster), a vampire romance to be released in mass market format in March 2004. Books II and III will soon follow. Ms. Moore’s writing has been likened to Anne Rice. The series was sold directly by Authorlink in a publisher-to-publisher deal.


SLIM TO NONE, by Graydon D. (Dee) Hubbard directly sold from Authorlink to Michele Pezzuti at McGraw-Hilll for release in January 2003. The poignant story of his daughter’s long (and fatal) journey through the wasteland of anorexia treatment is told mostly through her hospital journals. Hubbard’s first agent, signed through Authorlink, terminated for health reasons. His second agent, also found through Authorlink, lost her position when her agency downsized after 9/11. Fortunately, a few months later, McGraw Hill editor Michele Pezzuti spotted the work on Authorlink, made a direct request for the materials, and subsequently offered a contract. First-time author.


BEYOND ANGER: A GUIDE FOR MEN by Thomas J. Harbin, Ph.D, to Avalon (Marlowe & Company). The book originally sold to John Muir Publications as a direct inquiry to Authorlink from the publisher. Muir later was acquired by Marlowe. First-time author.

PROFITS IN NATURAL RESOURCES by Roland Jansen, to John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Both the agent, Elizabet McHugh, and the publisher made direct requests for this work, ultimately represented by McHugh. First-time author.

SPACE FOR WOMEN, A HISTORY OF WOMEN WITH THE RIGHT STUFF by Pamela Freni, to Seven Locks Press, as a direct result of Authorlink.

PATENTS AND TRADEMARKS PLAIN AND SIMPLE by Michael Jester, to Career Press, as a direct result of Authorlink. Jester became the 83 rd author to sell his work with the help of Authorlink. Release date: Spring 2004. Originally titled PATENTS: A PRACTICAL LEGAL GUIDE FOR INDIVIDUALS AND SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS.

Selected Authorlink Contest Winners

Who Have Won Major Publishing Contracts

Six winners of the annual Authorlink New Author Awards competition have won significant publishing contracts, partly influenced by having been winners in the Authorlink contest, which turns six years old in July 2003. This is a partial list.


D’ ANGELO’S DESTINY by Ginger Hanson to Ballad (Kensington Publishing Corporation, 2002) in a two-book deal. Ms. Hanson won the Best of Show and Historical Romance awards in the 2001 Authorlink New Author Awards Competition. First-time author.

BEST SERVED COLD by Cynthia G. Alwyn (pen name) to St. Martin’s Press (2001) by Anne Hawkins, John Hawkins & Associates. Ms. Alwyn placed among the top three in the 1999 Authorlink awards competition for her novel , TALE OF THE SERPENT. First-time author.

SONG OF THE BEAST by Carol Berg to Roc (Penguin Putnam, 2000) in a three-book deal. Berg was the 1999 Authorlink first-place Science Fiction/Fantasy winner. First-time author.

BINGO QUEENS by June London (aka June Park) to Cliff Street (HarperCollins, April 1999) in a two-book, six-figure deal by Robert Tabian of Robert Tabian Literary Agency. Ms. London was the Mainstream Fiction winner in the 1998 New Author Awards competition . First-time author.